Structural Topology generation for OVAL Tower in Limassol, Cyprus

Oval Tower Limassol – Image Courtesy of Atkins Global (

Oval Render

Structural frame generation – Render

Oval GH

Parametric Definition of the Structural Frame

Geometric and structural optimisation of a footbridge in Pafos, Cyprus

Optimisation of the form of the bridge using computational tools to aid constructibility and structural performance

Section Optimisation – Robot API from Odysseas Georgiou on Vimeo.

Interactive structural modelling of the deck and trussed parapet using Robot Structural API and Grasshopper 3d in C#

Section Optimisation Trials in Robot Structural

Parametric study of torsional sensitivity to Eurocode 8

A grasshopper component that dynamically checks a building’s sensitivity to torsional effects as stated in Eurocode 8 – 4.2.

Capacity design of Steel Frames according to EN1998

An excel spreadsheet/macro built in VB using Robot Structural API to verify the sections that are deemed to dissipate energy under seismic action. This is written according to EN1998 clauses for steel frame structures.

Tower Parametric Modelling

Structural modelling using Grasshopper. Parametric structural modelling of a tower structure. The model is interactively generated in Robot Structural Analysis

Parametric Grid Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis integration using Grasshopper interactive generation of a space frame on a NURBS surface genarated in Grasshopper 3d linked with Robot Structural for static performance analysis. The resulting analysis stress ratios are returned in Rhino’s enviroment.

Principal Stress Trajectories

Point Tracking. A process of plotting Principal Stress Trajectories on a continuous surface.

Parametric Structural Analysis

FEA in Grasshopper 3D from Odysseas Georgiou on Vimeo.

FEA in Grasshopper 3D. Parametric Finite Element Analysis 3D by linking Robot Structural Analysis with Grasshopper 3D

Parametric Truss Form finding

Principal Stress Grids

Adaptive Louvers

Tiling optimisation

Tile size optimisation around the room boundaries

Holistic Interactive Structural Analysis

FEA link with parametric model for stress analysis

Urban site CFD Analysis

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